Today / Tonight at Black Sheep, Skank Skates, and Ms. D’s Kitchen: Dumb Fest 6 Day 2


Here we are right in the middle of Dumb Fest #6! We had a wildly successful first day last night, thanks to all of you who came out! Today kicks off right at 12:30 pm and goes nonstop all night long until the end of the aftershow at Ms. D’s Kitchen (just two blocks down from Black Sheep) at 1:00 am. Today will be packed to the brim with music, food, friendship, and smiles.

We don’t really have time to type out the schedule again for today, but go check out our full Dumb Fest schedule post for a closer look.

Admission today is $25 (for 25 bands), and $5 for the aftershow at Ms. D’s Ktichen. The address to Ms. D’s Kitchen is 1031 South 11th Street. All shows are all ages. If you don’t have the money, come out anyways. We will likely be going down on the door price throughout the day as well. Find a facebook event for Dumb Fest 6 right here.

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