Dumb Fest One Week Away, WE NEED HELP!!


It sure has been sneaking up on us – could you believe it but the kickoff for Dumb Fest #6 is happening on week from today on Friday, June 8th (the fest is all of next weekend including the 8th, 9th, and 10th).

We have to admit that us behind the scenes at Black Sheep have been going through a lot of heavy stuff the past couple of weeks. Without getting into any official announcements right now, we feel it is only fair to give you all fair warning that there is a good chance that after thirteen years this will be one of the last shows ever held inside Black Sheep. Our situation is still playing out over these next few days and you can expect an official announcement from us very soon if that is true. In the meantime we will be happy to answer any questions if you want to get ahold of us at blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com.

With how behind we have been, we need all of the help we can get right now. (Really). Below is a list of things we are really struggling being on top of right now, and we are reaching out to (you) all of the community to help us.

– We don’t like to admit this right now, but our A.C. inside Black Sheep is broken. The festival weekend is looking like we can expect highs in the nineties. If anyone has access to any industrial fans (we usually have one lined up for in Skanks), we could really use it. Or if anyone has any expertise in rigging up a space so that it has better airflow, we are all open to anyone helping. We are very sorry in advance for this shortcoming of the fest and we will make sure we have free water available at all locations.
We still have plenty of fliers and CDs that are ready to be handed out around town. We feel that we’ve got the main spots around town covered, but if you can help do this at all – take some to your work, or help us flier at Legacy of Giving this weekend, please help!! We have all of these available and ready to go behind the counter at Dumb Records. If you want to come by at all and pick some up any time during store hours (noon-8pm every day), please do!!
– WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF HOUSING BANDS. This is a huge one. We can not stress enough how badly in need of more housing we are right now. We have fifty bands performing next weekend, most of them coming from out of town and needing a place to stay. Please get in touch if you can host any of these bands for even one night, even if you feel like your space is small. blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com
– We can always use extra help with volunteers to work the stages, door, food, the record store, parking lots, and just being around making sure everything runs smoothly. Please also email us if you are willing to be available during the fest to help out with any of these things.
– We are having a big neighborhood cleanup at 5:30 pm this upcoming Wednesday, June 6th. Everyone who can help is welcome to come out. This includes picking up trash and tidying things up for the fest.

Lastly, of course it helps immensely for you to share a Dumb Fest 6 flier or facebook event online in any way, and it only takes one second of your time. And please, please – buy a ticket in advance to make us feel better about the fest this year! Tickets are available still now through Thursday online right here, or inside Dumb Records during store hours.

Thank you everyone who has continued to support us over the years. We will be sure to keep our website very active this month with everything that we have going on.

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