Black Sheep Annual Art Show This Saturday


We are about due for another Black Sheep Annual Art show. In fact, we are so due for our annual art show that it is happening this weekend – Saturday, March 31st. It’s all we’ve got lined up for the weekend so be sure to come out and see what we have to offer. The showing will be that day from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, and it’s donation based. The inside of Black Sheep will be filled with art. Here are the artists that will be participating:

Staunzie Grady
Kristin B Walker
Spencer Hughes
Mckenzie Michelle Dukett
Chris Martin
Michael LaFrance
Ab Hilzabeckck
Ted Keylon
Tatiana Renée
Will Redwood
Nickole Middleton
Frank Ray 
Kate Turasky Ridge

Nice. In addition to all of these artists we also have two musical guests – Eric Rogers and Michael Fitzgibbon. Check out a facebook event for the art show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a list of events coming up in Southtown this Spring.

Tonight at Black Sheep: “Talk To ‘Em” (Rap Battle Event)


It’s been a minute since we’ve had any rap battle events at Black Sheep. Tonight we have a night full of them, presented by The Real Uncanny, DJ Mimic, and Universal Bars. Let’s take a look at who will be going head to head tonight:

Illa vs Mr. Mills
Bobo vs Cashflow
Cari Martel vs Oozie
DP vs Zilla
Teddy Choppin Grams vs C4
Jack D vs T-rifik
Trigga2Tru vs Blacc Dynamite

That’s right. All of that is going down at Black Sheep tonight. The facebook event for this lists a start time as 6:00 pm, but we have a feeling kickoff will more likely be around 8:00 pm. (Sorry). Admission is $15 this time around, but $10 if you subscribe to “Universal Bars” on Youtube. Check out our shows page for what else is coming up at Black Sheep in the near future.

Thought’s Castle: “Everyone’s Graveyard”


Today we are bringing you a stream of a brand new Springfield project we don’t know too much about called “Thought’s Castle.” The project released four songs under the title Everyone’s Graveyard on their bandcamp last month. You can stream those songs below or head over to Thought’s Castle’s bandcamp to download the tracks at your own price. Thought’s Castle features at least one member of War Magic. We aren’t sure if there will be any live performances. A 27 minute long track by Thought’s Castle was also released at the very end of last year.

Monday at CFP: Jocko, Pryss, Graveswitcher


Right after the block of shows that we have lined up at Black Sheep there will be another rare Springfield house show happening at new basement venue “CFP” (we are still not exactly sure what this stands for but right now our best guess is Carter’s Fried Pickles). This one is this upcoming Monday, March 26th. It features hardcore rap-rock band Jocko from Omaha, Nebraska (home of the band 311). Stream that hot new Jocko promo on the player below and get pumped for the gig. Also on this show is Springfield hardcore band Pryss, who also recently dropped a three-song cassette tape. Opening things up is a brand new band featuring Mitch Baker of the band Looming called “Graveswitcher“. This show is also a celebration of Mitchell’s birthday. Be sure to bring a present.

It looks like things will be starting off over at the house at 7:00 pm and you should bring $5 for the touring bands as well as a present for Mitch of the band Looming. If you are not sure of the coordinates of the CFP house, go to the facebook event and ask an admin. Check our Springfield shows page for a list of other shows coming up outside of Black Sheep.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Radiation Risks, Spell Breaker, No Cash Value, Foam Fangers


Tonight at Black Sheep we have a real treat of a punk show lined up! We have the band Radiation Risks coming all the way from Buffalo New York. Stream some of their music on the player below. They play some real rock n’ roll infused punk with a saxophone. Also on the show before them is Spell Breaker from right here in Springfield. Then we have the second ever Black Sheep performance by the next big thing from Jacksonville, Illinois – the young punk band “No Cash Value“. Opening things up is a performance by a brand new Springfield punk band featuring members of Synzu called “Foam Fangers.”

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to see what else is coming up at Black Sheep this spring.

Black Sheep Cover Show Part VII May 19th? (Call For Bands)


We’ll admit it, we seem to be dropping the ball a lot of the time around here. We definitely have been dropping the ball when it comes to getting anything together if we are going to put on a Black Sheep Cover Show of any sort like we usually do in the late Spring. We do have a date reserved on our calendar for it – Saturday, May 19th. But we haven’t put any sort of call for bands out there yet.

Do you play in a local band from here that would be interested in performing one cover set, and can get a set of 15 minutes – 1 hour of material down to play two months from now?? We want to hear from you! Get ahold of us at If we can’t wrangle up at least three acts to perform a cover show this year in the next few weeks we will have to push the next cover show back to next year.

Glower: EP



Today we are bringing you a stream of the new seven-track EP from Springfield’s very own Glower – recorded up in Southtown Sound and being released today. You can stream those songs on the player below. Also head over to Glower’s bandcamp page where you can purchase a digital download of the release.

The EP will also be available in CD format at the show at Black Sheep tonight featuring Runaway Brother, Bottom Bracket, Glower, and Sadface Killer.