Best of Springfield 2017 Music Poll


Alright, we’ve finally got it together over here. We ended up with a total count of 55 local releases of original music that we can tell this year thanks to your help, which is a lot. Now it is time for us to launch our annual end of the year Best of Springfield Music Poll where we get to highlight some of your favorite bands, musicians, and shows that happened in the past year! As with previous years, there are three categories to our poll – albums, songs, and shows. The only required category is albums, and for that you have to check anywhere from 2 to 5 releases that came out this year (list is in the poll). You might have to think a bit harder to list out some of your favorite songs! To help there are links to most of the releases from this year on this post! You might have to think a little bit for your favorite shows this year too, take your time!


The Best Of Survey will be up for exactly one week, ending on Tuesday, December 26th at 9:00 pm! Once the results are collected we will have featured write-ups on our site for the top ten voted for in each category. You can check out last year’s (2016) results for shows herealbums here, and songs here. We have also been building an ultimate Springfield album archive / database of Springfield releases over the past year or so on our site which you can check out right here.

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