The Illinois Times: “The Radon Lounge Keep Concerts On The Down-Low”


The Illinois Times are on a roll this week with covering things going on in the D.I.Y. music community in Springfield! Here’s another article in this week’s issue on The Radon Louge – also written by Scott Faingold who also wrote the article on Southtown Sound which we posted about earlier today. The Radon Lounge are a Springfield house venue that has been going for a whole five years now, which is a good chunk of Black Sheep’s existence. We have always been supportive of what’s going on over at The Radon and consider them a much needed asset to our community. From the article:

For the past five years, the Radon Lounge has been hosting an impressive variety of local and touring bands, averaging one show per month. However, like a post-millennial speakeasy, anyone wanting to attend a concert at Radon is obliged to contact the venue via email or social media, simply to discover where it’s located. Venue founder Jeff Black, who also books all the talent, explains that this is a matter of neighborly consideration rather than mystique. The reason is simple enough: The Radon Lounge is in fact the basement of his home, located in the heart of a Springfield residential neighborhood.

Check out the full article online right here, or pick up a copy of The Illinois Times at various local businesses around town.

And what do you know, The Radon Lounge also have a show going on tonight at the same time as our hip hop show. Theirs starts at 7:00 pm and features Bonesetters, Blind Social, Eric Marvel, Ian Winterbrauer, Jen Santarelli, and Copper Pot Cooking Studios. More on that show right here.

April 26th at Black Sheep: Charlotte Berg, Stereo Static


Today we have a show happening at Black Sheep a little over just ten days away on Wednesday, April 26th that is just two acts as of right now. We have Charlotte Berg– indie pop singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee coming to Black Sheep to perform for this one. Check out a video of hers embedded below. Then we have supporting local act and alternative rock band Stereo Static also on the bill. That’s it for right now!

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a list of shows coming up at Black Sheep this spring.

The Illinois Times: “Recording Studio Revamp”


Southtown is making it into the papers once again! This time it’s Southtown Sound, new Southtown recording studio, making it big and smashing headlines with their recent launch and grand opening. Scott Faingold of The Illinois Times wrote an article about the studio’s launch and re-vamp since Brandon Carnes ran South Town Studio out of the same space. Scott interviews studio spokesperson B.J. Pearce about the new studio. From the article:

“It’s a great day,” said B.J. Pearce, studio manger of Southtown Sound. “We really have a lot going on for us right now.” The newly renovated recording studio located in the building directly behind Dumb Records near the corner of 11th Street and South Grand Avenue had its grand opening on Sunday, March 26, concurrent with the Black Sheep Annual Art Show (See “Art at the Pharmacy and Black Sheep,” IT, March 30). “We’ve done some recording already,” Pearce explained, “but this is the first time we’ve been officially open to the public.”

Check out the full article online right here, or pick up a copy of The Illinois Times at various local businesses around town.

Tonight at Black Sheep: “Koolin’ With The Krew”


Tonight is the only show we have going on at Black Sheep this weekend until Futuro from Brazil comes to our venue next Monday. Tonight it’s a hip hop show! Check it out. This show is being called “Koolin’ With Da Krew” and features Springfield’s very own “Kool Krew” performing as one of the acts. We are only given two other acts right now. That includes “Tune Venswella” from right here in Springfield and also Nick Da Rula also from here. More acts will be performing as well.

This show will be starting shortly after 8:00 pm. Tickets for this one are $2 in advance and $3 at the door. For advance tickets if you want to save that extra buck, hunt down one of the performing artists or check out that number on the flier above! No facebook event for this one, sorry! You can check out our shows page on our site for a list of what else is coming up this Spring.